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Welcome to Cool Sports. We offer a variety of programs for skaters who are interested in figure skating, hockey, or both! No matter which pathway interests you, a skater’s journey begins with the Learn to Skate program. Classes are grouped based on age and ability level (we even have teen/adult classes for beginners).

After a student graduates from Learn to Skate, those interested in the figure skating pathway will begin our Aspire program, a bridge program designed to help skaters progress into becoming full members of U.S. Figure Skating! We are currently the only U.S. Figure Skating program in the area and the home skating rink for the Knoxville Figure Skating Club (KFSC). Those interested in the hockey pathway can check our large variety of hockey programs.

We can’t wait to watch you begin your skating career. For further information or for assistance with deciding the best skating path for you, contact Lucie Krausova, at

Lessons & Programs

Learn to Skate USA

Start your journey here! The Basic Skills curriculum is available to skaters of all ages! Students progress through several levels introducing them to forward and backward skating, stops, edges, crossovers and turns with agility, balance, coordination, and speed as main focuses. Through these skills, skaters gain the ability to begin exploring figure skating or hockey. We offer group classes for preschool, kids, teens, and adults. 


What’s the next step after Learn to Skate? Aspire is the bridge between Learn to Skate and full U.S. Figure Skating membership. Through the development of athleticism and artistry, skaters build a solid skill foundation that drives success on and off the ice. The Aspire program offers a variety of group glasses for skaters in Free Skate 1-6.

Advanced Figure Skating

After Aspire, figure skaters bridge into the U.S. Figure Skating testing structure. Skaters at this level often take private lessons with a dedicated coach and practice during freestyle sessions. Please note that Advanced figure skaters are not allowed to perform skating jumps during public skate times. 

Adult Skating Opportunities

Skaters ages 18 & older can enjoy furthering their skating career by enrolling in group skating classes, Coffee Club or private instruction.

For assistance with any of the Cool Sports ice skating programs, please contact us at (865) 218-4500 x226.

Group Instruction, Learn to Skate, & Group Skating classes are offered for beginners.

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Cool Sports has Knoxville's best indoor ice and turf facilities!

* NHL sized ice surface
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